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Lets Work Together

Therapy sessions are approximately 53-60 minutes long and are schedules either weekly,  bi-weekly, or as needed based on the clients goals for therapy. 

Therapy process and outcome is dependent upon how much you are ready to open up, apply the interventions, and grow. I do offer homework assignments if the clients desires.

Therapy is not always easy if you have experienced traumatic events in the past because they might bring up uncomfortable memories for you. Therefore, I provide therapy in a safe, compassionate environment so the client is able to heal at a pace that they are ready to change. 

You can pause treatment at any time and return at any time as well.

Some clients come in for 6-8 sessions and they take a break.  Others, keep attending bi-weekly or as needed sessions.  However, my recommendation is to go at a paste you are ready.  

Let's Work Together

Therapy is a place for you to find a safe space to be heard, understood, and find healing for your soul.

Anna Pavlov, LMFT                                                         





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